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Game 162, Debate 1


While how it works out in a given year doesn’t prove anything, today is exactly what I was thinking when I argued in favor of a second wildcard with the wildcard teams forced to a one-game playoff: if you’re going to segment into divisions and play unbalanced schedules, then the division titles should mean something. There are three interesting games today that would be meaningless under the old format, and good.

Well, theoretically interesting; there’s nothing the format can do about having one team managed by a dead guy who thinks it’s a good idea to start a pitcher who’s given up 38 runs and 9 HR in 43 innings, which should take the interest out of 2 of the games quickly. (Last night, while watching Andrew Bailey toss meatballs after a particularly bland 1-2 one was golfed out of the park by a guy slugging .246 against lefthanders while Smilin’ Bobby was stretched out on a hammock in the clubhouse or something, djw said there was a point where he hated the Red Sox more than the Yankees. I can’t disagree!)

But we can at least set some over/unders for Dice-K! I’ll say 2 2/3 IP, 136 pitches, comes out of the game at 10:15 PM.

Also, apparently there’s a presidential debate tonight, which I suppose we can discuss too.

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