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The Rahm/Romney/Ryan Anti-Teacher Plan


Paul Ryan expresses solidarity with Rahm Emanuel in his efforts to hand the keys to the Chicago schools over to the education capitalists who funded his campaign, destroy the teachers’ union will to resist, and continue the inequitable distribution within the school district.

Really, there’s no difference in position on these issues between Rahm, Romney, and Ryan. I think we do need to know more about where President Obama stands here. Not that he’s going to say anything. But we need to make sure he knows that neither Rheeism or union-busting can be the policy of the Democratic Party.

And my message to any Democrat who isn’t supporting the Chicago Teachers Union–You stand with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, not to mention Rahm. If I held the same beliefs as Rahm/Romney/Ryan, I’d probably rethink those beliefs.

….Also, here’s a list of 5 major problems with the Chicago schools the teachers support fixing over Rahm’s opposition. They include music and art programs, school libraries, and more counselors. You know, things that actually educate kids.

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