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Romney truly is running his campaign like American corporations have run the economy–deliver a failing product but pay the high-ranking officials obscene bonuses:

Another set of expenditures is likely to draw grumbles from Mr. Romney’s allies given his campaign’s current struggles: The day after accepting the Republican nomination, Mr. Romney gave what appeared to be $192,440 in bonuses to senior campaign staff members. At least nine aides received payments on Aug. 31 well in excess of their typical biweekly salaries, including $25,000 each for Matthew Rhoades, the campaign manager; Lanhee Chen, a policy adviser; and Katie Biber, the general counsel. Rich Beeson, the political director, received $37,500.

I mean, by Wall Street logic, I guess you have to do this right. Whereas Wall Street execs need huge bonuses so they don’t run off into the high-flying world of teaching high school business classes, Romney’s top advisers may well bail to the Obama campaign without their bonuses!

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