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God is apparently a union man.

[SL] Scabtacular!  I mean, I’m a Seahawks fan.   I’d like to be celebrating a remarkable win over the Packers that of course proves that Simmons was right!!!!!!1!!!1! But obviously there’s no was of celebrating a win decided by a call like that.   Even if charitably excuse the first blown call by (correctly) noting that the real refs basically never call PI on anybody on Hail Mary passes for reasons I’ve never understood, the fact that the winning “touchdown catch” was obviously an interception is rather hard to ignore.   And, of course, there were countless equally bad calls throughout the game.   But, hey, Roger Goodell can afford an extra ivory backscratcher!

I can also understand the reluctance of the Seahawks to kick the extra point — the scabs might rule that it’s worth -6 points.

QOTD:  “Watching the scab refs try to handle this game is like looking at Wile E. Coyote hold up an “EEP” sign in front of the Johnstown Flood.”

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