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This afternoon I’ll be on Midrats with EagleOne and CDR Sal.  We’ll talk politics, strategy, AirSea Battle, what not, and so forth.  Coincidentally, I just read this excellent Harold Winton article on Army-Air Force collaboration 1973-1990.  Key points:

The relative cohesion and strength of the Army-Air Force partnership from 1973 to 1990 can be attributed in rough priority to:

  • the unifying effect of the NATO defense mission;
  • the close cooperation of personalities at or near the top of each service;
  • a leadership shift in the Air Force that put fighter rather than bomber pilots in the majority of influential positions; and
  • the clarity of the Army’s vision of how it intended to fight a future war that tended to pull the Air Force in its wake.

…There was, however, also a set of forces that tended to pull the services in opposite directions. These included:

  • the operational differences between the media in which they fight;
  • the cultural implications these differences engender;
  • varying institutional structures for doctrinal formulation; and
  • the capabilities of emerging technology.

Worth thinking about in context of USN-USAF cooperation in the Pacific.

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