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The Party of Lincoln Becomes the Party of Calhoun, An Ongoing Series


What do you know — support for vote suppression based on the vote fraud fraud is correlated with racist resentment:

Unfortunately, there is a real divide on the desirability of voter ID laws; according to the latest survey from the University of Delaware’s Center for Political Communication, support for voter identification is strongest among those who harbor negative opinions toward African Americans…


This link between racial resentment and support for voter identification persists even after you control for partisanship, ideology, and a range of other demographic variables. That said, there was a strong partisan division: Republicans were the most likely to hold negative attitudes toward blacks and support voter identification laws. This prevalence of racial resentment—the conjunction of anti-black feelings and traditional American moralism—among Republicans has more to do with the demographics of the party than anything else. The GOP is almost entirely white, and whites are the most likely to harbor negative opinions about African Americans.

As yet another court of law reminded us yesterday, whatever motivates vote-suppressing ID laws, it’s certainly not any actual evidence of voter impersonation fraud ever mattering, because there isn’t any.

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