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The Useless Caucus


So, there was a debate in the World’s Worst Deliberative Body about whether to allow employers the right to deny employees health care coverage based solely on the religious beliefs of the former, an amendment targeted specifically at women. Some men who think that oral contraceptives produce abortions were about to vote on an issue pertaining to womens’ health care.

Dismayingly, but not surprisingly, Joe Manchin, Bob Casey, and Ben Nelson all effectively voted in favor of it. It’s worth noting here that Nelson isn’t running for anything, and voting to table the amendment would hardly be a political liability in Pennsylvania; these guys are just sincere reactionaries indifferent to womens’ rights. Lieberman voted to table it, and between this and DADT he is officially no longer the biggest wanker among quasi-Democrats in the Senate, which is kind of scary. And, for once, good for Landrieu.

Also supporting the “Ew, Women having teh sex!” amendment was Scott Brown; hopefully Elizabeth Warren is getting her campaign ads ready. And, for that matter, Barack Obama, although Mittens may have changed positions again while I was writing this post.

…Obama does, in fact, seem prepared to take advantage of this particular political gift.

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