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I was going to write a post about the right’s odd obsession with Saul Alinsky, a man who has only been tangentially important to the American left since about 1982. I’ve been to my share of lefty meetings in my life and I can’t think of a single one where the name Saul Alinsky was mentioned, except maybe in passing or someone was talking about the past. The fact that conservatives think they have this gold mine in making a bogeyman out of an organizer who died in 1972 shows how completely clueless they are about the actual state of the American left.

But why bother with the full post. Because with conservatives recent discovery of Derrick Bell, too much information is now known about the secret leftist conspiracy to overthrow the white man’s democracy. We all know how influential race theorists, and academics as a whole, are on American society so it’s really quite impossible to overstate the extent to which Bell is responsible for such unconstitutional outrages as criticizing Sarah Palin or suggesting that James Madison did not agree with the Mississippi Republican Party circa 2012 on every issue.

We all know groups like this exist in 3s. So who is the third? Who is the final piece of the liberal-communist-socialist-fascist-islamonazi conspiracy to take away our freedoms by giving us health insurance and enforcing environmental regulations?

Michael Harrington.

I know that, in the real world, The Other America hasn’t been influential since sometime around the defeat of Walter Mondale. But this isn’t the real world that conservatives are working in. It’s the Real Real World, the world where they can read between the lines and figure out how obscure academics and long out of fashion social theorists are at the heart of the nefarious Democrats and their demands to do crazy things like recognize that the 14th Amendment protects black people and that union organizers should not be summarily executed.

It feels good to finally get this information off my chest. Now I can talk about how, after the revolution enslaves all white people, bell hooks will be leading the reeducation camps. It’s all part of the secret plan!

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