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The Greatest Scandal There Absolutely Ever Was, Except For Steroids!


Look, I would like to bury this, but this is just too big to be suppressed: Barack Obama made his students read Derrick Bell, the legal academy’s preeminent Critical Race Theorist.. in a course dealing with Racism and the Law! Bell had all of these crazy radical ideas like “white supremacy was deeply embedded within American law” and “the effects of centuries of legalized and informal white supremacy did not immediately vanish on January 1, 1965.” I expect the impeachment votes in both the House and Senate to be unanimous.

I especially like the “made his students read” language. I guess wingers these days are hippie types who think doing class readings should be optional, man. Fortunately, earlier this semester I “made” my students read the majority opinion in Dennis v. United States, so my anti-communist and anti-civil liberties credentials should be sufficiently established to keep David Horowitz off my back. And I’ve taught Leviathan, so I should be able to get a sweet gig working under John Yoo for the Boehner administration after Obama and Biden are removed from office.

UPDATE! BREAKING! MUST CREDIT LGM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can reveal now that Comrade Barack Hussein Obama X made his students read the radical manifestos of Robert Bork and Lino Graglia! Impeachment, hell, he should be tried for treason.

I also infer from this reading list that Martin Luther King Jr. is no longer a conservative. This breaks with recent Republican dogma, which as Malaclypse notes holds that MLK was clearly a conservative “in the one and only speech that he gave, which was one sentence long.”

ANOTHER UPDATE!!!!!! I never thought I would say this, but these people are so stupid they might actually be dishonoring Andrew Breitbart’s memory. OMG, people who mourn civil rights heroes are allowed to be on the teevee now!

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