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Tucker, Still Drowning in the Great Sewer of FAIL


Former failed television host and current failed editor Tucker Carlson has an EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE of the most powerful institution in the country, Media Matters for America. Like his silly Journalist hacking, which produced “revelations” (people who write about politics for a living express political opinions in private! Skreeeeee!!!!!!!!) so stupid they could only impress Ann Althouse and a particularly cowardly editor at the Washington Post, this current one is so feeble it doesn’t even rise to the level of being a hatchet job.   Allow me to summarize the number of things MMFA has said that aren’t true, based on the Daily Tucker’s findings: none.   Although I can’t disagree with the implicit argument that quoting the arguments of various wingnuts is the harshest of all political tactics.

Also clear in these studies is Tucker’s real issue: people pay attention to MMFA, because their content is useful, and they ignore the Daily Tucker, because it publishes fourth-rate crap no different than what you can find at countless other sites.   Poor guy.

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