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Schiavo II: Misogynist Boogaloo


If denying people important medical benefits to advance religious values essentially no non-celibate Catholic believes in is the hill Republicans want to die on, they can go right ahead.

As several commenters have said, reading the Corner yesterday was immensely entertaining, and I have to agree that McCarthy takes the prize. Shorter the Nutty Prosecutor: giving the bishops the vaguely attractive-sounding thing they claimed to want rather than the exceptionally unpopular and ugly thing they actually wanted is fraud. No, actual legal fraud. I am not a crackpot.

Meanwhile, Serious Intellectuals Mary Ann Glendon and Bobby George would like to inform you that this is a Solemn Violation of Ad Hoc Reactionary Tautologies Natural Law. The content of Natural Law can, of course, be uncovered by consulting the platform of the Republican Party of Alabama; please be sure to note any changes since last year.

Finally, Maggie Gallagher has always been a pioneer in the feeble non-arguments Lithwick memorably discussed in the piece Dave cited below. But it must be said that she gave a sharp, pithy, and accurate summary of Prop H8 earlier this week. Bipartisan comity at last!

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