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Next: Pink Electric Chairs!


In case Komen hadn’t satisfied its desire to paint itself as a right-wing organization with its defunding of Planned Parenthood, it wanted to make it very clear to all of us where it falls on the political spectrum:

Just in time for the rising backlash to its self-created public relations disaster, the Susan G. Komen Foundation—which announced this week that it would pull its funding from Planned Parenthood—has teamed up with Discount Gun Sales to market pink handguns.

An unknown portion of sales will be donated to the Komen Foundation’s Seattle branch in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It retails for $429.99 [sic’d]:

I really think it would be special if Texas would dye the chemicals it uses to execute innocent people pink. Imagine the positive publicity!

….And Komen caves!

….Or maybe Komen is trying to fool us into thinking it has caved.

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