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Don’t Forget the Apocryphal Cocktail Parties!


When exactly did publisher of racist junk science Adam Bellow allegedly convert from liberal views he never seems to have expressed in public? Eric Alterman investigates:

Bellow has made a career of calling himself a former liberal, though just when he was a liberal is hard to say. Times publishing correspondent Julie Bosman cites having Saul Bellow as a father as part of his liberal pedigree, apparently unaware that the great Jewish American novelist was perhaps the heavyweight champion of literary neoconservatism. His final work, Ravelstein, was a celebration of Straussian philosopher Allan Bloom. Bellow fils has, on different occasions, dated his alleged conversion to Ronald Reagan’s election, Oliver North’s Iran/Contra trial, the publication of Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind and various offenses against decency he’s apparently witnessed while waiting on line for smoked fish.

Bellow seems to have been “transformed” into a conservative more often than baseball (and, therefore, America) have Lost Their Innocence. But, in fairness, without this transformation he could not have brought us original, not at all self-serving ideas such as “self-sustaining wealth and privilege are great!” The Republican Party, after all, is where the ideas are.

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