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One of the least savory individuals in the extremely corrupt world of college football is running for the Senate from the great state of Texas. That is none other than the legendary Craig James, probably the most widely loathed commentator in televised sports. James has used his ESPN platform to promote his conservative causes, what should be a violation of ESPN policy but something he gets away with. He also had Texas Tech coach Mike Leach fired when he claimed that Leach punished his son for having a concussion by forcing him into a shed, a charge that seems way exaggerated if not an outright falsehood. When ESPN writer Bruce Feldman, one of the most respected journalists within college football, wrote a book on Leach, Feldman presented Leach’s side. James then used his influence at ESPN to get Feldman suspended without pay. Public outcry led to Feldman’s reinstatement, but he left soon after. ESPN’s own ombudsman said that James’ influence led to biased coverage against Leach, but James remained the golden boy.

Never mind that James is a horrible commentator, what does he have on ESPN executives that he remains on the air year after year? As far as I can tell, literally no one likes him. Even leading college football writers like Stewart Mandel openly show their contempt for James.

I don’t really know whether James can win the Republican primary. If there’s one thing I know about Texas Republicans, whoever is the craziest and has the money will win. James is a football hero in Texas and has big-time name recognition, even though he lacks political experience. It ought to be an exercise in wearing tinfoil hats if nothing else.

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