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Shorter Verbatim Ann Althouse: “Moody doesn’t entertain the notion that OWS might be fascist. He blithely links Miller and fascism to the conservative side of the political spectrum.”

And Althouse blithely refuses to consider that fascism in fact resides on the complacent center-right! Will she never look in the mirror? Perhaps a 500 page book will be written about this fascinating possibility.

…as the incomparable Self-Styled Siren notes via the Twitter, I shouldn’t neglect Althouse’s assertion that Ang Lee’s beautiful film version of The Ice Storm was “glossy Oscar-bait” about “boring people in the suburbs.” Of course, it was a terrific, non-glossy, remarkably well-acted film about characters that aren’t boring and that generally avoids Alan Ball-style cliches about Dreary Suburbs; perhaps she has it confused with American Beauty or something. Not coincidentally, it also got completely shut out of major Oscar nominations in a year where other best picture nominees included James Cameron’s sinking boat movie and As Good As It Gets. See, now that’s what middlebrow Oscar bait looks like.

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