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Journalist Unions Call Off Huffington Post Boycott


According to Mike Elk’s Twitter feed (@mikeelk), the Newspaper Guild and National Writers Union have called off the boycott of Huffington Post as Arianna Huffington has agreed to a statement of principles on its writers being paid. The NWU seems less than thrilled about it and early word suggests it was the NG who made the decision to end it first, but it is a small victory toward fair pay for internet writing.

I got a lot of flack when I first starting writing at LGM for supporting the boycott; a lot of the major bloggers seemed to think I was challenging the fact that they had risen to the top of the blogosphere on their own merit. That wasn’t true, but I was saying that the early bloggers had great timing, that it is almost impossible for new voices to get a large audience today, and if major blogs were going to make big money off the internet, the writers deserved their share of it, even if that share was small. This is one step on that road.

Now we can all move on to boycotting the Huffington Post because it sucks and gives major ink to ridiculous medical ideas that endanger public health.

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