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Liquor, 1898


This document, which I think is a list of liquor wholesale prices from 1898, is quite interesting. You probably need to click on it to read it.

First, what the hell is Missouri wine? And does it come in a mason jar?

Second, I found the beer list and prices both pretty interesting. $4.25 a case seems steep for the late 19th century. And while some of the beers are long gone, others are recognizable–Anheuser-Busch, Schlitz, Blatz. Given the number of local breweries active at this time, it’s interesting to see bigger companies already taking over large parts of the market.

I was also somewhat taken at the differences in the “rectified whiskeys” by the number of “X”s on the bottle. It reminds me of drinking moonshine in cartoons with the XXX to note the whiskey jug.

Much on here you’ll probably find interesting. Worth a click on the image.

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