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Rather Goes Beyond “Blaming the Victim”


Gilles Savary’s* entry is a strong early candidate for the worst possible commentary on the DSK case, via Gopnik:

To tell the truth, everybody knows that Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a libertine; what distinguishes him from plenty of others is his propensity not to hide it. In Puritan American, impregnated with rigorous Protestantism, they tolerate infinitely better the sins of money than the pleasures of the flesh. It would be easy to trap a personality so unresistant to feminine attractions as D.S.K.

Via Drezner.

And on cue, Bernard Henri Levy steps to Strauss-Kahn’s defense. ¬†Shorter BHL: I know DSK, and he’s totally a nice guy, so obviously this is a witch hunt. ¬†Also, people who step forward with accusations of rape are money grubbing whores.

*Edited for clarity, given the number of people who have misunderstood the title.

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