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Heckuva Job Iggy!


Globe and Mail and the CBC calling a Conservative majority government, NDP not only official opposition (as widely predicted) but towards the top end of their range, Bloq wiped out. It even looks like the NDP will win my old riding, which used to have among the widest Liberal margins in the country.

If I wrote a satirical novel in which a particularly douchey “liberal hawk” took over Canada’s Natural Governing Party (TM), forced a completely unnecessary early election, and handed the conservative opposition a majority government while putting up the worst showing in the party’s history, I think it would seem a little heavy-handed.

… Iggy seems to be implying in his concession speech that he won’t resign. Clearly, he needs to hear some historical analogies from Tom Hagen.

…Tories get 30 out of 44 seats in Toronto. Yes, Canada needs to have a better electoral system.

Frankie Five Angels Iggy agrees to take his medicine.

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