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Let’s hope that this will avert the predictable disaster of a Michael Bay helmed Bin Laden film:

Fortunately, Kathryn Bigelow, who is responsible for The Hurt Locker, an Iraq war movie that’s both profoundly moral and tremendously gripping, is already working on a project with the working title of Kill bin Laden. Her Hurt Locker collaborator, Mark Boal, who also wrote the magazine story that formed the basis for In the Valley of Elah, is working on the movie with her. The project is actually about an earlier American attempt to capture bin Laden that failed, but The Hollywood Reporter notes that Boal and Bigelow are mulling a change in direction.

I’m not saying that a Predator drone campaign against Michael Bay and his network of associates would be justified in order to prevent him from making a Bin Laden movie. Let’s be clear; I’m not explicitly making that claim in precisely those words.

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