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Friday Nugget Blogging Challenge


“Mom, which is worse for the environment, making energy from coal or wood?”

Admittedly this question is not as off the wall as many, but hey:

A) It was Earth Day this week

B) I’m still negotiating permission with my daughter to post the question I want to post (from her FB site) and

C) Given the content of that quote (and most of what she talks about these days), I’m heartened that a few of her brain cells are focused on sustainable energy and

D) I’d actually love to crowd-source readers’ informed opinion on this since it’s a good question and I don’t know if there is a standard response from the green movement; and if not I’m also not sure how to begin calculating my educated guess (even if I had the time to do so while investigating the International Narcotics Control Board‘s inequitable quota system for analgesics, which this week I don’t.) If only she had asked about coal v. nuclear. Kids these days!

Please leave your answers, witty or factual, below (with links if possible). Thanks!

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