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A Good Hack Can’t Worry About This Stuff


Yglesias, on ROTC being permitted back at Harvard now that the military complies with the unviersty’s nondiscrimination policies:

I’m eagerly awaiting “guess I was wrong” posts from all the conservatives who wrote over the years that the university’s insistence that student programming conforming to its non-discrimination policy was just a rationalization.

First in line should be Glenn Reynolds, who recently in an embarrassing-even-for-him op-ed asserted that Harvard’s ban of ROTC must have had nothing to do with the military’s refusal to comply with the school’s policies, because after all Harvard doesn’t “ban” a president who…doesn’t violate the school’s hiring policies, and indeed isn’t an employment recruiter, but…it all makes perfect sense if you’ve taken Reynolds’s advanced seminar in Illogical Wingnut Ressentiment. So now, that Reynolds’s smears have been definitively proven wrong, I wonder how he’ll react? In its entirety:

CHANGE: Harvard To Let ROTC Back On Campus.

Being a hack means never having to admit that you were wrong.

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