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The State of Sex Ed in This Country Is Even Worse Than I Thought


Shorter Maggie Gallagher: “Roe v. Wade helped destroy the country by reducing the number of unwanted births that would otherwise result from anal sex.”

And the nuttiness doesn’t even end there! We have yet more historical ignorance propping up inherently appalling attempts to analogize abortion with slavery:

Sen. Rick Santorum, meanwhile, sparked a controversy saying abortion is a “civil rights” issue akin to slavery that President Obama should understand.

He’s right. Slavery was once considered a “private family matter” too—a “domestic relationship” in which government had no right to interfere.

This is really silly. It’s true — although for obvious reasons it’s not something contemporary Republicans want to emphasize — that the slave power didn’t believe that the federal government could ban slavery. But not only was there a broad consensus that state governments could ban slavery if they chose, the slave power demanded a highly elaborate web of state and federal laws in order to protect their peculiar institution. A “private family matter” was the last thing that the pro-slavery faction considered slavery.

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