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By “Pro-Life” They Certainly Don’t Mean A Woman’s Life


There are some circumstances in which late-term abortions are necessary, but only a few people will provide them. To some anti-choicers, one is too many:

In response to Carhart’s move to the state, Donald Dwyer Jr., a Republican delegate from Glen Burnie, Md., “says he is organizing a group of anti-abortion legislators to introduce a bill that would ban clinics from offering late-term abortions for any reason.” Dwyer is also planning on introducing a bill “that would define life as beginning at conception,” in an attempt to ban abortion outright.

Note that “for any reason,” up to and including the life of the mother.

Fortunately, as Hess notes the bill would conflict with Maryland’s abortion laws and probably won’t pass. But this kind of abortion NIMBYISM has been all too effective elsewhere.

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