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A Morning With CSPAN-2


…World’s Worst Deliberative Body rejects DREAM ACT by 55-41 majority.

…Joe Lieberman — Joe Lieberman! — gives nice, concise pro-DADT repeal speech. World’s biggest asshole John McCain — having railed against “elites” prior to returning to one of his indeterminate number of houses — favors the Senate with pissy, incoherent non-sequiturs about lost limbs.

…DADT repeal cloture apparently will pass with margin to spare. Woo-hoo! Krik and Voinovich joining right side of history on the GOP side with the New Englanders and Murkowski.

…63-33! A great day in American history. Great work by Reid and, yes, Lieberman. Obama’s strategy was vindicated. Plenty of credit to go around.

…as several people have noted, the only Republican to vote “yea” on cloture for both DREAM and DADT repeal was Lisa Murkowski. Thanks Sarah!

…Kos really lets Tester have it over his DREAM vote.

…Final DADT repeal vote: Senators committed to ideals of Declaration of Independence 65, Heirs of George Wallace 31.

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