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Well, That Was Pathetic


Um, could someone else please win the AL Central next year? I think we’ve seen enough of this.

It being fairly obvious early on that the Twinkies had no intention of competing or anything, I decided in the middle of the game to watch the recent ESPN documentary about the 2004 ALCS I had saved on the DVR. Much more entertaining! In light of the appalling umpiring of the last two seasons, I’ve been thinking about Game 6, in which the umpires got together to overturn two blown calls and get them right. That was the height of the Alderson era; I very much doubt that this would happen today, and it could have had a huge impact on baseball history. I also learned new stuff about the key plays: 1)Since I heard the play on the radio coming home from teaching a night class, I didn’t see the ultimately decisive Bellhorn homer live, and I apparently didn’t absorb from subsequent replays just what a clear homer it was — the initial call was a Phil Cuzzi/Richie Garcia caliber instance of incompetence. By — I had also forgotten — a little someone named Mr. Jim Joyce. (Buck, to his credit, has it right on his initial call.) 2)I had forgotten them massive shower of debris after Whinin’ Cryin’ Slappy Rodriguez was called out on his cheating in the 8th, which underscores how gutsy that crew was to get the call right. I miss those days.

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