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The US and the British Nuclear Deterrent


My first column at World Politics Review argues that the United States should nudge the UK towards dumping the Trident replacement:

Clearly, the United States cannot dictate British defense policy. Overt efforts to influence British decision-making might backfire, and in any case would seem inappropriate and heavy-handed. Nevertheless, the United States has an interest in both the size and composition of the British defense budget, and Britain’s nuclear ballistic missile submarines do not contribute to the security of either the United States or NATO. By contrast, British soldiers, aircraft, surface warships, and aircraft carriers can contribute to international stability, disaster relief, and the defense of the Western alliance. The government of the United Kingdom should realize this, and adopt an appropriate budgetary policy. But if it doesn’t, the United States should gently and carefully try to guide the U.K. in the right decision.

The column (dubbed “Over the Horizon”) will appear at WPR every Wednesday…

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