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Human Rights Groups Urge Wikileaks to Redact Leaked Documents


Human rights organizations have joined those pressing Wikileaks to reform its information dissemination strategy.

It goes to show that you can be critical of US policy in Afghanistan, as many human rights groups have been, and still be critical of Wikileaks for its methods when they too endanger human rights. It’s a shame that the debate is so polarized that any criticism of Wikileaks’ methods is being framed as criticism of Wikileaks itself. LGM’s good friend Donald Douglas proposes, for example, that Assange be “turned over to the Taliban” for his errors, whereas all human rights NGOs are proposing is that he endeavor to conduct his work in accordance with basic ethical standards.

I’m with the human rights organizations.

So far, Assange’s response has been disappointing. He appears to be claiming – incredibly – that it’s the media’s and human rights organizations’ responsibility to assist him in retroactively redacting the documents (or any future ones), and claims he doesn’t have staff to do it himself. Poor Wikileaks.

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