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First and Last Word on Lebron…


If you watch carefully, in slow motion, you can see his heart break…

UPDATE [By SL]: Although this tastefully fonted missive is also pretty entertaining.  I generally defend players from attacks when they leave as free agents, and in this case you can’t even say he’s doing it for the money.   James can dispose of his talents as he wishes.  But I can’t avoid the fact that blowing off your hometown team’s better offer via a cheesy hour-long ESPN special is pretty colossally dickish.    I also wonder where this puts the Heat in the hierarchy of loathsome sports franchises.  If I cared more about the NBA, I’d guess pretty high.   Certainly, anyone who would root for this soulless experiment to succeed is the kind of person who would cheer for the Yankees and Cowboys despite having no geographical connection to either city.    Like a certain star whose name escapes me right now…

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