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Anarchy in the UK


Later this afternoon, I will begin a short research trip to the nation formerly known as the United Kingdom. My research had originally focused on pedestrian topics such as the origins of the Royal Air Force and Cold War collaboration between the ASW arms of the RN and the USN. However, in the wake of the post-election collapse of Great Britain into an apocalyptic hellscape, I have an almost unique opportunity to complete my Apocalypse Specialist CAE (Continuing Apocalypse Education) requirement. I can only hope that I arrive before the mobs figure out that the Public Record Office is a source of black magik and witchery most vile, and burn the documents for warmth.

I am told that the following represent actual footage from the streets of London:

Lib Dems set forth negotiating position with Labour:

Labour responds:

Tories set loose the landed gentry upon the mob:

The Crown threatens to make an example of David Cameron:

Incidentally, if you live in London or Plymouth and have always wanted to meet a real, live, genuine founding member of LGM (not one of these latecomer knock-offs) drop a line; will be in the UK until May 21.

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