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The Devil and Rand Paul


Just when you begin to think that it’s literally impossible for Rand Paul’s Senatorial campaign to get any more entertaining:

The gentleman behind the mike is Chris Hightower, Rand Paul’s campaign spokesman. In addition to his affection for Satan, Mr. Hightower appears to have demonstrated an unfortunate aversion to “Afro-Americans.” LOL!

As an aside, it really isn’t all that surprising that white supremacists flock to Rand Paul and his daddy. Neiwart has detailed this in the past; the particular vision of libertarianism that Paul and his father propound is attractive to white supremacists, in large part because the supremacists believe that the federal government invariably acts in the interest of racial minorities. Anything that prevents the good white citizens of this country from keeping the darkies down is an affront to God, the Constitution, etc. The white supremacy is rather the point of the anti-statism, explicitly for some and implicitly for others.

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