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I don’t want to be that guy


I.E., the guy who takes pride in not watching television, since

(a) I watch quite a bit of television; and

(b) I think getting academic credit for writing/talking about TV shows would be AWESOME. Indeed I would love to be the Stuart Scott of some Cultural Studies department — booyah!

But . . . all these end of the decade lists make me wonder: do people actually watch all these shows they’re arguing so passionately about? And go to all these movies? And listen to all these albums? (Or are they not called albums any more? I can never get that straight.)

Caveat: I love The Wire. And The Sopranos. Sort of loved Deadwood. But I would have thought the overlap of people who were regular watchers of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Wire and also have strong opinions about OK Computer and That One Film From Denmark About Coffee Shops was relatively modest. Apparently this particular Venn diagram includes 87% of the blogging population.

Now get off of my lawn.

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