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The McGovern Bit Should Have been the Tip Off


In the past, I’ve advised my students that being busted for growing weed can hinder a State Department career. In the future, I’ll suggest simply that they make a good faith effort to avoid being too stoned during the interview portion of the Foreign Service Exam.

…in response to comments, I apparently need to make clear that I think left-wing Americans are fully capable of serving the United States government loyally, and that many proud left-leaning Americans serve in our armed forces, our diplomatic corps, and our government bureaucracy without ever selling secrets to Cuba. Some of them may even smoke weed. I’ll further add that many spies against the United States have actually been on the political right, and have been motivated by money rather than politics.

And finally, I’d like to suggest that reading posts through the frame “if a stupid wingnut read this, might he draw comfort and satisfaction?” is probably not the most productive way to absorb this blog, or any other blog for that matter.

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