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David Frum is on Crack


Watch Frum claim that the West Bank is not under occupation, and then watch Frum get his ass handed to him. In addition to the substantial portions of the West Bank that are literally being occupied by Israelis right now, the West Bank as a whole is almost entirely under Israeli military jurisdiction, and Palestinian political authorities are sharply circumscribed in their range of action.

…the war may not have had the desired effect on Kadima’s electoral prospects:

The first polls taken after the cease-fire took effect indicated that the Right in general and the Likud in particular had been helped by the war.

A Channel 2/Ma’agar Mohot poll predicted that the Right-Center bloc would win 65 seats and the Left-Center bloc 55. A Channel 10/Dialog poll put the divide at 64-56. The first poll predicted a 31-23 Likud victory over Kadima, while the latter said Likud would win 29-26.

That said, I don’t know what the polls prior to Operation Cast Lead indicated.

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