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The Vegan Threat


Glenn Greenwald is doing yeoman’s work regarding the use of state terror to quash the possibility of dissent at the RNC. Now admittedly to this point it’s what might be called “soft terror:” no one is actually being shot, for instance. Instead, people are having their doors smashed down by SWAT teams armed with ludicrous search warrants, who then proceed neutralize the Vegan Threat to Democracy by holding teenagers at gunpoint while their residences are ransacked. Hardly anyone is being charged with anything, since there appears to be no evidence that anyone was planning to break the law.

Meanwhile, despite the immediate proximity of hundreds if not thousands of journalists, all this remains invisible in the national media. A Nexis search reveals not one reference to these raids in any newspaper other than the two Twin Cities dailies. Nor has any television network mentioned them, other than a very brief reference yesterday on CNN.

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