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Now this is impressive


Bush’s approval rating has sunk to 19% in the latest ARG poll. That’s lower than Nixon’s the week he resigned. Probably the most telling stat in the breakdown is that Dubya has an 8% approval rating among self-described independents. Basically every Democrat and almost every independent voter in the country hates him. His remaining support consists of slightly more than half the GOP, and Joe Lieberman.

As Matt Stoller points out, you could probably impeach him and nobody would notice.

So the question becomes, is Bush sufficiently weakened for the Democratic leadership in Congress to tell him thanks, but we’ll be drafting any bailout legislation we consider necessary, and you’ll be signing it? After all there are about five GOP senators that are no position to be backing the president on anything if they want to live to fight another day.

This is what LBJ used to refer to as “nut-cutting time.” Somebody needs to remind Pelosi and Reid and the rest of them just who has the knife now.

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