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So let it be written; so let it be done


Just got this breathless press release from the McCain campaign:

BARACK OBAMA SAID IT!: “There’s No Doubt That General Petraeus Does Not Want A Timetable”
Barack ObamaMedia AvailabilityAmman, JordanJuly 22, 2008
Barack Obama: “In terms of my conversations with General Petraeus, there’s no doubt that General Petraeus does not want a timetable. I mean I think that he’s said that publicly. And he is, and as I said, in his role, I think he wants maximum flexibility to be able to do what he believes needs to be done inside of Iraq.”

So there you have it — the debate is over. Gen. Petraeus, aka The Maximum Leader of Mesopotamia, has considered the matter, and there’s nothing left for the American government to decide, let alone the Child-like Brown People and their feckless representatives.

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