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Yes, I know it’s a manufactured holiday, but happy mother’s day to all you moms.

And, in true LGM fashion, in “celebration” of mother’s day, I am posting the most depressing article on motherhood I have read in a long time (via Bitch Ph.D). I’m not sure what is more frustrating and sad about this article: that so many incarcerated California mothers would only have the opportunity to see their kids once a year, when the state provides free transportation to the prisons (which are often very far from home), or that even when given the opportunity, only one woman’s child came. The photos of the “party” going unattended are just devastating. Just another problem of our “correctional” system — that women’s prisons are not located in or even near the communities from which they come, making staying connected to family and community nearly impossible, and reentry all the more difficult.

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