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Here’s the Ole Perfesser on 9 April 2003, several years before his More Rubble Less Trouble phase:

Some people think the looting is bad, but I think that a certain amount is good. It reinforces in people’s minds that Saddam is gone, and that he was unpopular. . . .

Yeah, the thrill will pass, and soon [the Iraqis will] be bitching about this and that, just like everyone else does. But I think that Cheney has been sufficiently vindicated. And some other people have been proven colossally, utterly, unredeemably wrong. Did I mention that?

And here’s the Saddam-o-Centric response at Powerline, where it was decreed that not a day would pass without an uninformed swipe at France:

President Bush is right when he declines to be drawn into the “Is he dead yet?” speculation, rightly noting that the main point is that Saddam is no longer tyrannizing Iraq. If he isn’t dead yet, he soon will be; and if not dead, then hiding ignominiously until he is caught and dragged before an Iraqi tribunal. Saddam–unlike, say, Idi Amin–will not spend his twilight years in the south of France.


Yes, it was a truly awful thing that Idi Amin took refuge in a place where the United States had utterly no meaningful influence.

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