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15 Minutes of Lunacy


A few things I learned while listening to Bill O’Reilly during my drive to campus this afternoon:

  1. At least half of all American Jews will vote for Barack Obama no matter what — even if Jeremiah Wright were his Vice Presidential running mate — because “it’s ingrained in their culture that you’re gonna vote that way [i.e., Democratic].
  2. John McCain knows a lot about foreign policy, and he’s not likely to provoke a nuclear war with Russia.
  3. Iraq should now “reimburse” the United States for all the money we’ve spent [on a war that wasn’t actually their idea in the first place.] Germany and Japan are wealthy now, and if Bill O’Reilly were President he’d “put it on the table” that maybe they could pay us back now for WWII. (He admits, with a petulant sigh, that “it ain’t gonna happen.”)

I’m seriously considering canceling my night class on the grounds that my brains have been siphoned off through the top of my skull.

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