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Regarding episode 3…

  • The Sun narrative is getting worse; it feels like I’m watching some combination of Shattered Glass and Office Space. Did we really need the “advertising revenues are dropping” speechifying from four different characters?
  • The cop narrative is no good, either. McNulty is getting way too crazy way too fast. I never quite liked how Simon used Freamon as the conscience of the show (we know that a zany scheme will work if Freamon thinks it will), but it really doesn’t appeal here.
  • The street narrative remains quite good; both the Marlo and Omar island scenes were fantastic, and the struggle between Marlo, Omar, and Prop Joe holds a lot of promise.
  • The city hall narrative also holds a lot of promise. We’ve been waiting for the Cedric Daniels corruption question to pay off since the third episode of the first season, and it looks like it’s finally happening. There’s also some nice synergy with the only watchable aspects of the Sun narrative, which suggests that the latter could have worked out well if it had been done more carefully.

…episode 4 is a substantial improvement. Goddamn, Marlo…

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