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Air Force Round-up


Got some good reactions out there to my Air Force abolition article:

  • David Axe is participating in a roundtable on the article, the results of which will be available tomorrow. He’s also written a couple of posts at War is Boring.
  • Jason Sigger is also a participant in the roundtable, and has a long and detailed response at Armchair Generalist.
  • Mike Burleson at New Wars has a short response, as does Texas Scribbler.
  • Neptunus Lex has a reply in which he more or less comes down on the “interesting idea but…” side. Also see the discussion.
  • JOHCA at Johca’s Conversation has a long, detailed, and very good response. Read the whole thing, but it more or less comes down to the argument that the services no longer plan (as organizations) to fight wars, thus while a division based on capacity to independently fight and win war might have made sense in 1947, it makes little sense now. He also makes the point that inclusion of the Air Force in the Army will severely circumscribe its strategic capabilities. For me that’s a feature, not a bug; I think that the Air Force is largely inept at strategic power projection in the first place, and that a reduction of emphasis on that mission would be of benefit in either a counter-insurgency conflict or in a conventional war. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting post.

I’ll post a link to the Prospect roundtable when it comes out.

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