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When the Levee Breaks


Shorter Treason-in-Defense-of Slavery Yankee, 29 August 2007:

Although I am still firmly committed to the war in Iraq — no matter how expensive or fruitless the effort may be — I have no trouble insisting that New Orleans should not be rebuilt, because that would be too difficult and costly, and because the Lord Jesus believes we should not build cities on sand.

Shorter TIDOS Yankee, 14 September 2007:

Lord, help me! The hurry-cane done busted up my grill! Gimme gimme gimme!

UPDATE BY ROB: Uh, my George Foreman Grill died, like, three months ago. No hurricane or other weather event was involved, but I nevertheless think I deserve a new one. Please, only give what you can…

UPDATE BY D: So long as we’re asking for stuff, I would like a Fry Daddy. I never owned one, and a good heart attack would probably get me out of having to attend meetings for a few months (a trade-off whose logic I defy anyone to impeach).

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