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Extraordinarily Rare NBA Blogging


Look, in defense of the 1984 Sam Bowie pick, the Trail Blazers had a good reason not to draft Michael Jordan; the name of that reason was Clyde Drexler, who played Jordan’s position, and was about to enter his second year in the NBA. Drexler was no Michael Jordan, but he is in the Hall of Fame. Bowie, of course, was predictably injured a lot and didn’t work out, but people seem to forget that the Blazers traded him pretty much straight up for Buck Williams, and that the Drexler/Williams/Porter/Kersey/Duckworth Blazers made the Finals a year before Jordan’s Bulls.

Whatever prompted the Blazers to draft Oden, I think that the Bowie comparisons are a bit off-base. For one, Bowie played 76 games his rookie year, and Oden will play none…

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