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A Polite Request


Dear Red Sox:

Please stop allowing the Yankees to fill the bases each inning. It makes me greatly unhappy, and I’d like you to cut it out before they score 45 runs.


P.S. — I’m going to resume drinking now, so my next complaint might not be so carefully worded.

. . . Well, that was goddamned pathetic. Six outs from taking a significant step toward cleaning up the division, and Okajima gives up a homer to Giambi, who’s been batting around .100 for the last few weeks and — best I could gather from listening on MLB radio — played like a drunken, be-gloved walrus in the field. I don’t know about other Sox fans out there, but I pretty much knew it was over at that point; after Damon’s double, I wisely left the house for 20 minutes and let the malignancy of the universe take its course.

The only thing that needs to be said has already been pointed out by Scott three weeks ago, the last time the Sox fucked things up.

[T]he Red Sox have had three [now four] chances to knock out the Yankees this year, and each time they have generously prevented the Yankees from reaching the canvas and poured them a cup of Bigelow Green Tea.

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