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Well, That Was Interesting


So. I haven’t been posting much on the weekends because N and I have been escaping the city as much as possible, and leaving our wi-fi equipped laptops behind. Usually the weekends are pretty quiet, and are spent with friends or family who live outside the hot urban pavement.

This weekend brought more of the same. But it was punctuated Friday night by a little excitement. After arriving where we were staying (three hours and lots of traffic after we left nyc), we immediately got to work cooking dinner. I took up the guacamole. Half an hour later, the avocado sat speared by a very sharp knife on the counter and I was in the back of an ambulance on the way to the nearest hospital to sew up the wound that had been created in my hand when I went to spear the avocado pit and missed. I had a fight with an avocado and the knife won.

After my first ambulance ride ever (necessary because we did not know the area and the hospital was hard to find), a tetanus shot, a long evening in the hospital, and several stitches between my index and middle fingers (7 total, some out of view in the photo), we returned to the house and collapsed into bed. I was lucky, the doctor said, to have missed my tendons and the bone in my middle finger.

The bottom line of this now drawn-out story is that it is very difficult for me to type right now. Posting from me will be slow for the next few days. Bear with me. I’ll be back full force soon.

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