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Happily Ever After


First an update on the stitches (not so happily ever after). They came out today but the gash isn’t closed, so I’m steri-stripped for the next week. Hopefully they will impede my typing less than the stitches.

In happier – and bigger – news, there’s a follow-up to the rare story on rehabilitation through prison that I flagged the other week. I wrote about Donnie Andrews and Fran Boyd. He helped her through heroin addiction from prison, where he was serving a life sentence for killing a drug dealer. They fell in love. After he was paroled (because he was, in a surprise turn, rehabilitated), their relationship continued and they were planning to marry.

And marry they have. In a nice change of pace from the country club set, the New York Times Vows column today features a report on their wedding. The cast of “The Wire,” Andrews’ defense attorney, and the prosecutor who put him away were all in attendance.

Sometimes these stories do have a happy ending.

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