Shorter Fred Thompson:

I can say without the slightest trace of hyperbole that Leslie Southwick reminds me of a pious old Puritan woman who was hanged on suspicion of being a witch.

As for what Thompson actually writes, I think the bit about witches had a might bit more sense to it. Behold:

The battle for the courts is one that liberals take seriously, and they use every legislative and procedural arrow in their quiver to win — even if it means tearing down good people to achieve their aims.

Exactly. Because if there’s one issue upon which conservatives have been caught flat-footed over the past several decades, it’s the transformation of the judiciary. With all that time spent developing the blueprints for the unitary executive, dismantling the mildest instruments of racial justice, and proposing arbitrary restrictions on medical procedures based on religious dogma and condescending assumptions about sexual conduct, they just fucking forgot about the branch of government whose approval they’d need to sustain their regressive social vision.

And with this sort of blistering logic, he couldn’t drum more than $3.4 million from his fellow conservatives? If only he would formally declare his candidacy, perhaps he could find a more sophisticated and financially lucrative platform for his ruminations on the proper role of judges in American society.

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