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A Black Day for American Journalism


Not only has an important firewall collapsed — exposing the world once again to the three-headed beast of the apocalypse — but The Weekly World News is toast.

As the saying goes, I question the timing.

UPDATE by Rob: Captain Ed deserves props for this post title: The Firewall Of Sanity Crumbles In Face Of Irrelevancy

UPDATE by d: Mr. Trend is also bummed about the demise of the Weekly Standard Weekly World News.

When waiting for the 87-year old in front of me to count the exact change, find out he or she was 3 cents short, and proceed to write a check, the Weekly World News would keep me sane and happy. Now, it will just be the regular dreck of Britney and her ilk on the covers of the Enquirer, Star, and others, which were always as depressing as the WWN was great.

He speaks the truth.

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