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Losing 2 out of 3 to the Giants makes one wonder how badly things would have gone for the World’s Greatest Manifestation of Evil if they were playing a team with a major league offense. Yesterday is making me think for the first time that the Yankees might not make the playoffs. And nice to see St. Derek of Pastadiving make yet another crucial error; he’s having such an abysmal defensive year even by his standards that it might cost him the Gold Glove by 2012, three years ahead of schedule. If it weren’t for the Rangers idiotically donating A-Rod to the Yankee cause for discounted rates, the playoffs wouldn’t even be an issue.

The other reason for some optimism is that Torre is in the full panic mode that made him such a disaster in his pre-Yankee stints; I’m particularly enjoying the ongoing installments of “Miguel Cairo, major league first baseman” and “letting Johnny Damon put his vanity about his DL streak ahead of the team.” It would be nice if the Indians could get Gagne, though…

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